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Through the eyes of my little girls… Vanessa Harmse


12My little girls recently turned 2 and 3 and for their birthdays we decided to have a joint party seeing as they currently at same school and generally have the same group of friends. Finding the most perfect venue the theme was set without too much thought, Fairy Tea Party!

Invitations sent, gifts wrapped and party outfits bought we were ready to party. Much to my disappointment the venue cancelled just shy of a week before the party due to overbooking! There was not much time for thinking but rather just doing, mom needed to regroup and save the day! Next best place, our beautiful home and all my magical fairy tale thoughts needed to transform from dreams to reality.

One of my most magical memories growing up  is a couple of houses down from where I  stayed when I was little was a house that had a mini version of their home as their post-box, my Portuguese gran once told me that fairies flew so fast that you’d have to be careful not to blink else you’d miss them. Every time we’d walk past I’d peek in and made sure not to blink but never saw anything much to my disappointment, which however never took away my belief that they were there. To me they were just always out spreading their fairy dust onto all the little girls that needed it.

Growing up my spark for searching for fairies slowly disappeared, that was till I started seeing the magical side to life again through my little girls’ eyes. The excitement on their faces from simply strapping on their fairy wings, grabbing their wands, flower and crown hairbands on and they were automatically set free into a special place. A make belief world, the most magical place where you can be anything you want to be and anything is possible.

Surrounded by the sound of kids laughter, smiles on everyone’s face and the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done it was an AMAZING party! Most of all the happiness glowing from my daughters’ smiles was enough to light up all my insides!

I carry my love for fairies everywhere I go, a little hand in each of my hands, a Tinkerbell on my hip and the belief in my heart that magic is out there, you just have to look hard enough (don’t blink or else you’ll miss it!)



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