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THINGS YOU SHOULD DO POST-DIVORCE – by Ines Esmeraldo from Esmeraldo and Associates


Divorce carries major revolution to nearly every feature of your life, including your financial permanency and future goals. Without a reservation, your life will be changed. But adjusting to and even tolerate the changes will aid you to get back on your feet earlier and more effectively.

By educating yourself along the way, you will discover that it is uplifting to make your personal monetary choices and to be in control of your individual vocation.

Here are a few tips on things you should do post-divorce:

Marriage is about partnership and teamwork, and now you discover yourself on your own. It’s time to recover your separate individuality and figure out what are the things that make life work well for you.

DRAFTING A NEW WILL AND TESTAMENT You have a three-month window period after your divorce in which it is assumed that it is your intent to divest your ex-spouse from inheritance. If you die during that time, and you failed to draft a new will, a court will undertake that you intending to change your Will. If you die and failed to change your Will in the three-month period, all your assets will be distributed to your ex-spouse.

CHANGE YOUR POLICY BENEFICIARIES It is important that you also change your heir recommendations on all of your lifeassurance
policies inside the three-month opening subsequently after divorce. Afterwards, ought whatever happens to you, your existing heir recommendations will remain. Not altering these may consequently be left to your ex, whom shall inherit from you years after your divorce.

INVEST SENSIBLY It is important to guard your future requirements by means of reinvestment. Once a divorce is approved, a redeployment of possessions takes place, where frequently one significant other will obtain a large sum or numerous portions from the other. As the receiver of these capitals, it is perilous that you make practical tactics that will maintain your monetary requirements.

ALTERATION YOUR BANK ACCOUNT Open your own bank account if you had a combined account. If you had your private accounts it may be prudent to alter your PINs. In the incident of your partner dying, his account will be frozen and you will not be able to enter any of the resources pending an executor to be selected and they approve to issue capitals to you as they consider suitable.

MANAGE YOUR DEBT Make certain that you take as little liability as possible post-divorce. This will ensure that you have a decent credit record. Being solo again means that you have a sole one-person revenue and consequently you need to strategize your retirement prudently.

PROTECT YOUR MAINTENANCE Ensure that you have adequate life, disability and severe illness cover on the life of the noncustodial parent to guard your and your children’s monetary requirements.

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