Birth is as important as your wedding day, birthday or any special occasion in your life. The moment you meet your baby for the first time is valuable, magical and emotional. Being a parent is priceless and like all the best moments in life seems to go by in a blur – documenting it allows you to look back and remember each precious moment as well as share it with others.

Due to my nursing background and my skills as a professional photographer I know that I can capture that moment when you meet your baby for the first time. I specialize in home and hospital births. I am on call just in case baby decides to put in a premature debut. I will be there to capture every moment of the birth and right through the baby’s stay in hospital. I am discrete and will not be in the way, I am aware what is happening at every step of the birth process and will be able to predict where and when to be to get the best shots. I can offer emotional and physical support, before and during the birth. I dedicate myself to you and your baby throughout your labor and baby’s birth.





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