The Ideal Crew – The Ultimate Recruitment Solution

The Ideal Crew is a professional, owner run, personnel placement company, sourcing quality staff for any organization.

Recruitment is a time consuming and stressful process. It can be a cumbersome task if attempted without the right tools or assistance. That’s where WE COME IN!

Staff are one of the most important investments a company can make and having one bad apple can disturb the balance within an organization.

Companies are wasting many hours on advertising positions, sorting through hundreds of CV’s, screening and interviewing candidates NOT suited for the position, etc which means time taken away from the actual running of the business.

No more time wasting with THE IDEAL CREW as your partner in this difficult process!!!

​Benefits of choosing The Ideal Crew
Helps organizations find competent staff – fast!
Saves companies and candidates both time and money in recruiting, interviewing, training and Human Resources.
Specializes in employee recruitment and training.
Access to the best talent available
Thorough screening processes.
An ever growing database of trained and skilled employees
Provides world class customer service and customer care
Due Diligence: We do thorough background checks
One on one meetings to determine individual and business needs
We give you peace of mind, making your job less stressful
We focus on relationship building, long term business over quick deals



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